Hospital 0023


It varies how people cope with fear. One of the places I do not like is the hospital..It is in fact quiet ironic as my wife is a critical care nurse and has been working as such since we met..When our daughter had to be rushed to the hospital one day, one of my first thoughts was to grab the camera. For some Photographers the camera is a good defense mechanism. In some situations I am much more at ease behind the camera than with out it. I feel more in control of the situation. Of course I have had situations where I felt highly uncomfortable taking pictures and that is probably among the reasons why I am not a press Photographer as I started out to be..This time I grabbed the camera with out thinking and while our daughter was being examined by the doctors and we where waiting for the results I wandered around the corridors, snapping away trying to relax..This is the feeling I got from the hospital that day.