Knife sharpener

Knife sharpener with sombrero

Knife sharpener with large sombrero working at the central square in Merida

At one of the squares in central Merida he stood there tall like a giant with his big sombrero and a beard all occupied with his work of sharpening knifes. I approached him carefully framing my image and he looked up just as I snapped this image. Somewhat startled by the sight of me and my camera he paused his work for few seconds and the waved his finger at me asking me not to take any more pictures. I let the camera sink down and nodded my head. I knew I had already gotten what I wanted and I was not going to go into fight with a Mexican knife sharpener about some more photos. There is no need to get your self in danger just because of street photography. I could only walk away an check if I was right that I had gotten what I wanted and so it seemed.