Shop owner outside his tienda

wner of a small "tienda" out side his shop in in Basihuare in the Copper Canyon area in Chihuahua Mexico

Owner of a small "tienda" out side his shop in in Basihuare in the Copper Canyon area in Chihuahua Mexico

Rosalind was huffing and puffing on this curvy and winding road. She was not built to carry two grown up persons and luggage. She was old and beaten and only 50cc. Some how we still managed to take the trip from Creel to the Cusarare waterfalls, the magnificent waterfalls that made no impact on us Icelanders used to powerful waterfalls in rivers full of water, as it sprayed down the naked cliffs in a simple wail like calmness. After the rain season its powerful and beautiful, but there in the mid May weather it was almost dry and more like a shower than a waterfall. 

It should have been a warning sign for us about what was to come in the upcoming hiking trip through the Copper Canyon are but we where to occupied with relaxing in the Recowata Hot Springs taking a break from the trip planning and enjoying the landscape to notice that this so called beautiful waterfall wasn't beautiful because it lacked water. We where getting dangerously close to dry season and in the coming days we would learn by harsh experience to swallow our pride and take the advise of the locals. 

He did not change his posture when two red faced tourist  with hanging dry tungs came almost crawling in the heat towards him and his shop in middle of no where Basihuare in Copper Canyon area of Chihuahua, Mexico.

He nicked his head calmly as I pointed to the camera and with sign language asked for licens to take picture and he then looked at me through those thoughtful but somewhat broken eyes

Afterwards he stood up, sold the thirsty strangers some soda and then sat down again and when I looked back it looked like the two of us had never been there as he sat in same position as before

It seemed like he had been sitting there for ever waiting for us. Nothing could surprise him not even two thirsty tourists on a old beaten mopped.

To me this image marks a certain breakthrough, its all  of what I wanted to do when I sett out on this trip. Photographing people in their environment preferably with out as much interruption as I could. I wanted somewhat poetic look at the world around me. Far from terror filled news of wars and anguish. I wanted to portrait people, Kind people. sad people, happy people. People in their own world.

Camera: Canon - Lense: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L